Eat Pizza in Chicago ✓

May 7, 2015

I’d never been to Chicago, and still had some built up jealousy from the fifth grade, when my brother’s class got to go on a field trip to the Shedd Aquarium for the weekend to see the dolphin exhibit, and mine did not. So when I was invited a couple of weekends ago on a last minute trip, I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s a quick update on the adventure…

In the morning I ran to Lake Michigan. As this point it was very clear why they call this place the Windy City.


Then I wandered around Millennium Park, and discovered this big shiny bean. Which is a must see if you ever find yourself in Chicago.

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That’s me in the reflection. 🙂

Next up, a trip to the museum. The Art Institute of Chicago took my breath away. It actually did. When I saw this painting I inhaled, and then nothing else came out for about four seconds. It’s amazing how art can do that, isn’t it? In case you’re interested, this is Paris Street; Rainy Day by the French artist Gustave Caillebotte, and it makes me want to jump on the next flight to Paris and pray for rain.

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I also saw this crazy famous painting by Grant Wood that for some reasons reminds me of the aliens in Men in Black. I always thought this painting was a husband and wife, but I discovered on my trip to the museum that it is actually a father and his spinster daughter…

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I walked back to Millennium Park and took some selfies with more art. Which I hear is a requirement of any solo traveler in Millennium Park. 


Then I walked back to my hotel. (Quickly.. it was friggin cold!) Where did I stay, you ask? The Palmer House, which was just a 3 minute stroll from the museum! And stepping into The Palmer House lobby was a little like stepping into the lobby of Grand Central Station (minus the herds of people running to trains).

It was beautiful and historic. With high opulent ceilings, and Tiffany’s gold sprinkled among the stairwells, walls, and chandeliers. But what impressed me most about this hotel was its history.


I stood by a stage where Sinatra used to sing, learned that every president (except George Senior) had either slept or dined in the hotel’s quarters, and even got a history lesson on the Great Chicago Fire. The first Palmer House was complete in 1871 and then burned to the ground  just thirteen days later in the city’s fire. But the owner didn’t let that stop him! He started to rebuild immediately with a 1.7 million dollar loan, possibly the biggest individual loan ever secured at that time.

I also went to the Potter Bar, where I tried the hotel’s mean “Signature” Manhattan. And it was impressive, for Chicago that is. 

But it was a busy trip, and on my last day, I discovered I still HADN’T TRIED ANY PIZZA!  So right before I was supposed to leave for the airport I called Lou Malnalti’s. “You deliver, right?” I asked. 

So finally, on my way to the airport to fly back to New York City, I tried my first Chicago Pizza. This pizza was heaven. It had the tallest edge of crispy crust that was doughy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, fresh tomatoes, and large amounts of cheese.  And now… I guess… I will need to go back and try more. Also I guess I need to go find some pizza, like, right now. 

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