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November 16, 2014

Let me be the first to admit I’m not like Fergie ridin’ first class up in the sky, but I never realized how lovely red roses, handmade tablecloths, and leather menus laced with alpaca wool were on a train until I had them on the Inca Rail. I’ve taken my fair share of rinky dink locomotives, but trout from the Sacred Valley coated in crispy quinoa, free flowing Tacama Gran Tinto from southern Peru, and refreshing Pisco sours served by men in burgundy tuxedos…on a train ride to Machu Picchu…makes me fear I’ll never go back to my sticky floor, foam seat train days. It was a bumpy journey to Aguas Calientes, but the IncaRail had this under control. Local Andean pottery is designed to not fly off the table, and the wine glasses are heavy enough to stay put, for the most part. Watching the red vino splash in a cup that holds its balance like a gymnast on a beam, and refuses to tip around windy turns and jolts is a view in itself, just in case the changing green vegetation, donkeys and heaven-reaching jagged mountains out the window aren’t enough.

When I boarded the Inca Rail, it felt like I’d crossed platform nine and three quarters. An Andean pan flute played on the sun-drenched car as I lounged on my comfortable lazy boy-like seat, knowing I was headed somewhere magical. Machu Picchu, here I come!


Okay this did happen though..


Nonetheless, we made it to Machu Picchu safely, and I took a llama selfie. This is what a llama selfie looks like, in case you were wondering..





And then I took some more animal photos. Peru is amazing, and I’m a sucker for animal photos.



That’s a beautiful face you have.



Okay, Gizelle could really use a sister. Customs will let me back with this, right?



black sheep



Hairless Peruvian dog in sweater