Visit Yellowstone National Park ✓

September 13, 2014

Yellowstone National Park felt more like a Star Wars planet than North America. With bubbling geysers and gurgling holes of steam that made sounds similar to the snorts my dad’s bulldog makes, this lively and animated place had me realizing I sometimes don’t give North America enough credit for her beauty. In 24 hours at Yellowstone, I met friendly (well, not according to the Rangers) bison, watched an elk graze, saw two white wolves, and stood in amazement over a handful of gushing waterfalls. I cruised around Yellowstone Lake, hiked the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and cozied up at the Old Faithful Inn- a magical and transportive place that had me wishing I had arrived by horse and buggy wearing a deep red tasseled dress instead of dirty hiking boots.

I decided on a high altitude hike to the top of Mount Washburn, a place so elevated you can see the curvature of Earth on a clear day. An anxious park ranger asked what kind of bear-spray I had and before I could jokingly say Tresemmé, he explained I better be careful as bears love high altitudes because that is where they find huckleberries. Lack of bear-spray didn’t stop me from the hike! Neither did the fog, sporadic rain or hail. When I made it to the top, the sun broke through the clouds for a hot second and I found the perfect cliffside rock to break out my picnic. I sat huddled in the cold eating locally sourced beef jerky, a PB&J, and berries. Unable to remember why I would bring berries on a hike through bear country where a ferocious Yogi may be sniffing for them.

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Okay, there must be a bulldog hiding down in that hole making these noises. ^ amiright?



such nice colors!



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