Lauren’s Bucket List

I’ve always been a lists girl. I make lists for everything. I write lists of things I have already completed, just to give myself the satisfaction of crossing said things off. I’ve had my own bucket-list going for a while, actually years. I think it’s a wonderful idea to take note of nice things you have done and want to do in life, and write them down. So I bet if you think about it, you already have a bucket list going, too. I don’t think bucket lists have to be extreme (though I’m always looking for a wild, new adventure), it’s your bucket list, and I think it can be as simple as learning to knit a scarf, or watching the sunset with your dog.

  1. Go to Antarctica and meet the penguins
  2. Bungee Jump- Completed in South Africa 10/2009
  3. Learn the Beyonce Single Ladies dance
  4. Float in the Dead Sea
  5. Learn Spanish
  6. Paint a picture and hang it in my living room
  7. Rent a convertible and drive the 101- Completed 6/2015
  8. Go to the Hollywood Bowl for the Grease singalong
  9. Take jumping photos at the Uyuni Salt Flats
  10. Run the Great Wall of China Marathon
  11. See Machu Picchu- Completed 10/2014
  12. Go back to Machu Picchu and hike the Inca Trail
  13. Go on a Safari – Completed 10/2015
  14. Go to Myanmar
  15. Keep a journal everyday (Continuing..)
  16. Pet two dogs a day and say hello to their owners (Continuing..)
  17. Smoke a cigar in Cuba (or maybe just hold one and pretend to smoke it and take a #selfie)
  18. Cage dive with Great White Sharks- Completed 10/2009
  19. Meet Justin Timberlake- Completed 12/2012
  20. Cook lobster in Maine- Completed 12/2014 (Thanks Gizelle!)
  21. Run the New York City Marathon
  22. Publish a book (To be completed, fingers crossed, Fall 2016! Thank you, Simon & Schuster!)
  23. Live in New York City with Gizelle (Completed 10/2012)
  24. Fluent in Italian (working on this. So soltanto un po’ di italiano. C’e qualcuno che parla inglese?)
  25. Run a marathon- Completed in Norway 6/2012
  26. Read every Harry Potter (No, I haven’t done this. #worstmuggleever)
  27. Go to the New Orleans Jazz Festival
  28. Sleep in a tree house
  29. Complete the Empire State Building Run-Up
  30. Go to the Top of the Rock
  31. Go to SNL – Completed 12/2012
  32. Buy fresh flowers for myself (Continuing…)
  33. Complete a game of Monopoly
  34. Learn to cook (Continuing.. trying.. not great..)
  35. Learn about wine (Continuing.. trying)
  36. Grow my own garden
  37. Go to the Grand Canyon
  38. Learn to play guitar
  39. Drive across the USA
  40. Play golf at St. Andrews (Completed 7/2012)
  41. Learn more about meditation
  42. Swim with whales
  43. Learn to Scuba Dive
  44. Skydive (Completed 6/2011)
  45. Meet Taylor Swift
  46. Rescue a Dachshund
  47. Rescue a Basset Hound
  48. Go to Iceland and visit the Blue Lagoon Geothermal spa
  49. See the gorillas in Rwanda
  50. Ride a camel in the Sahara Desert- Completed (9/2009)
  51. Be a good granddaughter (Continuing..)
  52. Run a horse on the beach- Completed 6/2015.
  53. Knit a scarf
  54. Rescue another big dog
  55. Start my own big dog rescue
  56. Fall in love
  57. Run the New York City marathon (Completed 11/1/2015) Check out the videos section to see!
  58. Smile and laugh a lot (Continuing..)