Want to make your dog a bucket list? Well, you’re in luck because 1) Dogs enjoy the simple things in life so the list doesn’t have to be complicated, and  2) Dogs live in the present, so you can technically just keep doing the same things over and over and your dog will appreciate it every time. Everyone’s dog is different, but here are some ideas to get you started!

1.) Go to the beach

2.) Have a picnic

3.) Bake a doggy cake

4.) Road trip

5.) Drive in the car with the windows down (Preferably while listening to The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, or The Rolling Stones.)

6.) Have a dance party (Preferably to Stevie Wonder “For once in my Life”)

7.) Chew up a shoe

8.) Have a fancy steak dinner

9.) Share pasta with my owner like Lady & the Tramp

10.) Learn a new trick

11.) Sit in a garden just to watch the butterflies

12.) Watch a sunset

13.) Watch a sunrise

14.) Snuggle in bed with my human and watch Netflix (Preferably Beethoven, Marley & Me, The Aristocats, or Sandlot)

15.) Have a dog “Pawty” in the park (And invite lots of friends!)

16.) Go to a baseball game

17.) Run in a field off leash

18.) Eat a donut

19.) Have bacon for breakfast (and dinner! and lunch! All day BACON!)

20.) Climb a mountain (or a hill) and admire the view at the top

21.) Be pushed in a stroller shopping/go shopping (and pick out a new toy!)

22.) Bark in the yard without getting scolded

23.) Chase squirrels

24.) Paddle board

25.) Meet geese

26.) Ride in a canoe

27.) Go to a pet-friendly hotel and indulge in doggy room service

28.) Have an ice cream date

29.) Have a burger night

30.) Become the honorary firehouse dog for the day

31.) Go to yappy hour (but only if you’re over 21 in dog years!)

32.) Participate in a doggy meet up and meet others of my breed

33.) Get a full body massage

34.) Swim in a pool

35.) Play in the mud

36.) Try a Puppuccino from Starbucks

37.) A Pooch-ini from Shake Shack

38.) A dog friendly cup cake from Sprinkles

39.) Or another dog specialty from one of these famous joints

40) Go to a farm and meet goats and chickens (but play nice!)

41) Pick out a Christmas tree (Make sure you find one that is size appropriate!)

42) Play football

43) Camp/sleep in a tent

44) Have a turkey dinner

45) OR a vegan dinner

46) Roll around in the grass with my human and look at the clouds

47) Enter a dog show

48) Raise money for other dogs still at the shelter

49) Sit by a river

50) Wear matching friendship bracelets with my human

51) Cuddle

52) Have my own Instagram account

53) Learn to skateboard

54) Learn to surf

55) Walk on a pier and eat seafood

56) Lay in the grass and look up at the stars

57) Walk somewhere new and smell the flowers

58) Meet a famous dog and take a photo with him/her (Maybe get a PAWtograph?!)

59) Visit a new state and take a photo by the state sign

60) Jump on the bed

62) Go to a dog-friendly bookstore and pick out a book 

Have more ideas for a dog bucket list? Post them in the comments below!

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