Lauren Fern Watt


Hi, I’m Lauren, an author, travel journalist, writer and video host splitting my time between Nashville, Los Angeles, and, well, wherever else my bucket list brings me. As a multimedia storyteller, my work has been published in The LA Times, Cosmopolitan, Matador Network, Yahoo!, among other outlets. In January of 2015, my life flipped upside down when an article I published about a bucket list I made for my dog went viral. The story reached millions of people around the world, my inbox was flooded with messages, and soon I was writing my first book about the bigger adventure.


Gizelle’s Bucket List

Out now with Simon & Schuster, Gizelle’s Bucket List;My Life With a Very Large Dog chronicles my journey through early adulthood with my 160-pound English mastiff named Gizelle. So, if you would like to learn more about me than this short bio can provide (or if you just really, really love dogs) you should check it out here!  The book has been translated in fifteen languages around the world and optioned for film. I’m busy working on my second book now, and yup— it’s still in the four-legged friend genre.



Bette (as in Bette Davis) is my thirty-pound rescue Basenji mix, and I would ask you to give her a big warm welcome,

Except.. well..Bette is not the biggest fan of “warm welcomes.” She’s actually…um…not the biggest fan of strangers. Like, people can’t pet her.  Even the people who say, “No, but I’m great with dogs! Dogs love me! I can totally pet her! Please can I pet her?!” No, I’m sorry, but you really can’t pet her. She has too much anxiety and she nips. Which isn’t the most ideal thing ever, but what can I say? I wanted a dog that was great with people, easy to travel with, and laid back. Instead I got a dog that has taught me how to manage my expectations. But, we’re making it work..

And it usually works quite well, for the most part…

So, what else?

I was born March 6,1989 in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve always been an explorer and I’ve always been obsessed with dogs. Some of my earliest memories include venturing to the farms near my house in Tennessee with my pup in tow, pretending I’d escaped to a faraway land. Soon all of the pretending became my reality and I really did escape to a faraway land.

Life in New York City was a whirlwind. I worked in fashion and travel PR by day, and took writing classes at night. I’ve worked for a number of the world’s most influential fashion and hotel brands, and I’ve been a student at MatadorU, school for Travel Journalism, Photography, and Filmmaking, as well as Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Traveling is one of my greatest passions, and my career in the travel industry has sent me riding a camel named Booboo through the Sahara desert, bungee jumping off the tallest bridge outside of Cape Town, exploring the colorful streets of Varanasi, and finding the most magical bookshop in Paris. But perhaps some of my favorite adventures of all are the ones with my pup in the passenger seat…which is what led me to pack up my life on the East Coast and head west to Los Angeles, where I have created the (oh-so-cleverly named) Girl and Her Dog Blog.

Yes, I know. She is so cute and smiley. I fell for it, too.

A little more about yours truly

When I’m not writing, blogging, reading, or traveling to a country where the wifi is iffy and I don’t speak the language, I’m training for my next marathon or adventuring along the West Coast and beyond with Bette. I’m also an ambassador for Shatterproof, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping families who struggle with addiction. I love snowboarding and skinny french fries and drinking Manhattans in Manhattan. My favorite city is Paris, but I would move to Italy in a heartbeat. I consider myself an organized mess, kind of a Twitter fail, and a total work in progress.  All I know is that I want to fill my life with as many interesting human (and dog) experiences as possible while I’m here…

So, want to come along for the journey?

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