I rescued Bette from the Williamson County Animal Center. It was the summer of 2016 and I was 27, living in the upstairs room of my dad’s house in Tennessee writing a book. And although I was a little unsure of where I wanted to move, who I wanted to be, and what exactly I was doing with my life, the moment my eyes met Bette’s, I did know one thing: she was mine.  

I took her home that afternoon and was certain this cute little tan and white dog with the overbite was going to be everything I needed her to be. I thought I’d found the perfect dog! The best dog! I even began planning our future together. We’d move to California and sit outside trendy coffee shops in LA. She’d travel with me on adventures, love people unconditionally, and help me make new friends. Perhaps I’d even bring her on my book tour! Or on a plane!

Little did I know that Bette had an agenda of her own. And the first thing on it was to teach me about managing my expectations…

I didn’t know I had rescued a somewhat unfriendly four-legged friend. That when strangers would ask to pet her, I’d have to tell them no. I didn’t know I was bringing a dog with serious anxiety into my life, and that I could kiss my dreams of doggy book tours and plane rides and cafe dates goodbye because my new canine was so out of control that I could hardly walk her around the neighborhood. I almost felt like I’d been tricked…

But that’s how it happened.

And even though my new dog is not what I’d call “easy” to take care of, I refuse to give up on her. And after a lot of training (and patience and persistence and even doggy boot camp), I have learned that Bette’s behavioral issues are rooted in fear, and she can get past them. She doesn’t want to bark and lunge at every stranger on the sidewalk. She’s only scared. So, now it’s my goal to prove to Bette that the world is not such a scary place, and I’ll give you one guess how I’m doing it..

A Bucket List! Duh. And guess what? It’s actually working! The more Bette ventures out into the world and crosses things off her list, the less anxious she is. Sure, we’re taking it one adventure at a time, but as I watch Bette let go of fears about the world, I am reminded that I am capable of the same. Here’s a few of my favorite things on Bette’s bucket list. Does your pooch have a bucket list?

1. Jump on hotel beds

2. Learn that humans are not chewtoys

3.Visit a waterfall

4. Eat ice cream


5. Learn to sit


6. Stick head out the window

7. Road trip on Route 66

8. Eat french fries

9. Go for hikes in Griffith Park without barking at anyone


10. Go to Joshua Tree and pretend we are cowgirls

11. Meet an Elephant seal

12. Make a new human friend (She has 5 human friends right now! And the list is growing daily!)

13. Go to a dog party


14. Watch the sunset at Runyon Canyon

15. Spray paint our names at Cadillac Ranch

16. Stay at Chateau Marmont (Or The Chateau Mar-mutt, if you will.)

17. Eat room service by the pool

18. Graduate training school

19. Graduate another training school

20. And another training school…

21. Get lots of hugs

22. Snuggle in bed

23. Help mom pick up cute surfers

24. Go shopping

25. Go to the beach

26. Help mom with work

26. Remind mom to go outside every day


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